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What's inside these GREEN ENERGY FREE books?

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BOOK1 How to Green Up Your Home
  • How to pinpoint and stop airflow leaks, heating leaks and other costly insulation problems before they cost you big!
  • Tried-and-true methods that will slash hundreds of dollars per year from your utility bills.
  • How to tap the limitless potential of solar and wind power to finally get yourself off the power grid for good.
  • How to build the perfect yard to use less water and energy and have your neighbors green with envy!
  • The secret method that the power companies have been trying to keep under wraps for years!
BOOK2 Renewable Energy and Other Money-Saving Secrets for Your Home
  • How to cut every single one of your bills with 20 targeted money-saving tips.
  • Why your appliances are costing you more than just a few extra dollars every month and how to put them on "low" to save big.
  • How people have tapped nature for centuries to stay cool, power their tools and save money, and how you can do the same immediately.
  • How to take advantage of the natural heating power of the sun to eliminate your hefty gas or oil bill once and for all.
  • The tools you need to craft your very own wind turbine or solar cell power source to save money for years to come.
BOOK3 Solar Energy Unleashed
  • The inside scoop on all FOUR forms of solar power and how inexpensive solar panels are actually more attainable than you think.
  • How solar cells really work and why the power companies don't want you to know that this is the wave of the future.
  • One simple task that can save you money immediately while taking advantage of the natural power of the sun.
  • The tools you need to integrate a solar heating installation in your home by this winter and save hundreds on utilities.
  • The three most powerful non-solar forms of renewable energy and what you can do to tap into them along with your new source of solar power.
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