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What's inside these SURVIVAL FREE books?

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BOOK1 How to Build the Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit
  • What you MUST do when the lights go out
  • 13 things CRUCIAL to stock
  • How to prepare food for long-term storage
  • How to survive away from home
  • How to create the ultimate survival kit
  • The 6 things EVERY survival kit must contain
BOOK2 How to Live Off the Land Even if You've Never Left the City!
  • How to plan and create a survival garden
  • Discover exactly what tools and resources are needed to start a thriving garden
  • How to easily create compost
  • How to save seeds to build an ongoing supply for years to come
  • Learn when to plant to maximize your crop and produce amazing food year-round
BOOK3 Survival Self Defense - How to protect yourself and your family
  • How to prepare you and your family for a disaster
  • How to defend your home - 13 IMPORTANT perimeter defenses
  • Staying put or bugging out? How to survive away from home
  • 5 rules of self-defense - How to fight off attackers
  • How to use firearms and knives when the SHTF
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